About MK Apothecary

MK Apothecary is an art gallery and cultural center located in Collingswood, NJ. The idea behind MK Apothecary, is that it is an “arts storehouse” that will have art shows to sell and showcase artists’ work. The space will also have workshops and gatherings that will support art within the community and for art enthusiasts to gain access to a greater appreciation for the arts. The vision is to bring in work and insights from professional artists both locally and around the world and make art accessible for all.

Our Story

Michael’s artistic style is based in the foundation of classical fine art. He has a true appreciation for the visual aesthetic and application of each final piece. Kristine is a commercial artist with a design-centric point of view. She sees art has having both form and function. Michael & Kristine both wanted to have a space where they could do what they love and share it with the world. The dream has always been to live and work in an arts space and have others enjoy and cultivate creative expression.

This is how MK Apothecary came to be.

photo credit - Matt Skoufalos |  NJPen.com

photo credit - Matt Skoufalos | NJPen.com