Evelyn Taylor Bonner

Artist Statement:

My mother's garden was her favorite place on earth. Right there in our back yard were these incredible rose bushes, two flowering dogwoods, and a hundred other plants I couldn't begin to name. Her face lit up out there, and I learned that watching plants bloom and grow was good for the soul. Her green thumb rubbed off on me, and now I spend a great deal of time combining my love of nature and my passion for clay.

Ceramic artist Evelyn Taylor Bonner earned a BFA in Studio Arts/Ceramics and Art Education from Syracuse University. She spent 4 years as a production tile and mosaic maker at the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum in historic Bucks County, PA. Fast forward 17 years as an arts marketing professional (Philadelphia Museum of Art and Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts), Evelyn was able to turn her full-time professional attention back to ceramics -- making her own work as well as teaching classes. Her studio is in the home she shares with artist husband Chris Bonner in Collingswood, NJ.