Monica Kane

Artist Statement:

My work speaks through elements of the natural and manmade world. Sensual and visually tactile, the work contains references to internal and external, psychological and sociological experience. I work with metals, wood, stone, found objects, paper, ink, charcoal and graphite.

Drawing is a medium which, when employing the simplest means and evidence of the artists hand, offers the possibility of creating work that is powerful, sensitive and intimate. These are qualities which make drawing compelling to me and they are what I strive to attain in my art.

The sculptures weave together fact and mythology in an attempt to reflect our consciousness, experience and history. As I construct a piece, I attempt to strip away all but the essential experience: a sense of well being that may be precariously delicate; of striving embodied by a structure that stretches to the sky filled with light and space, and, in spite of the rawness of harsh realities, a place where imagination can roam.